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Evening sky.  (at Lake Merritt)

Evening sky. (at Lake Merritt)


I woke up to a text saying that a dude climbed up to the second story office window and broke in and stole my bike. But, it’s okay. For some reason i’m not that upset. I guess you could call my bike a martyr because it was the closest to the window and it saved everyone’s bikes and all the computers in the office. My beautiful baby sacrificed itself. RIP my baby girl. Never forgive. Never forget. Time to buy a new bike. :)

Anonymous asked: No one looks at your blog, why delete your response?

You have to get ready for work soon, shouldn’t you be doing that?

Anonymous asked: I want to fuck you

It’s a bit early no?

at Street Shark HQ

at Street Shark HQ

Santa Cruz.  (at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk)

Santa Cruz. (at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk)

Meet the newest member of the Street Shark HQ family, Rasputin!  (at Street Shark HQ)

Meet the newest member of the Street Shark HQ family, Rasputin! (at Street Shark HQ)

Life Update!

Finally ended things with Chelsee. Been a long time coming and I finally ended it. Not like I don’t like her or hate her it was just a very unhealthy relationship that I needed to get out of. People change and want different things, it’s normal. I couldn’t handle feeling like I wasn’t allowed to do anything anymore or talk to friends that I have known for years without being questioned as to why I was talking to them/being their friend. I haven’t been myself in months and it was eating away at me, but now I feel like I can do things again.

I’ve been growing found of someone new.

It feels genuine and nice to have so much affection being directed towards me for a change. It feels different and I like it, a lot. Looking forward to the future and what it holds. 

Taking a trip to Santa Cruz this weekend and also driving up to Vancouver in a few weeks with said person!! I cannot wait for the weeks to come and to continue to have a healthy and loving relationship that I deserve. 

Forget about today. Cause this is tonight, my friends are all coming over to make me feel alright.